R Training Course Details

With our extensive R training learning program you would get to learn hand-on skills on Data Science with R. R has become a go to software for all Start-ups as well MNC’s when it comes to Data science. We in our programe effectively covers basic data analytics, statistical predictive modelling and machine learning through various practical examples and projects.

Best R training in Delhi NCR, for candidates who do not have programming background but want to acquire job oriented practical skills on a prominent open source Data Science platform.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Basics

How to use R | Use Console |Assign Variables | Basic Data types in R

Working with the Data Types

Creating Vectors |Naming Vactors |Selecting and comparing Vectors |Performing Functions on Vectors |Create Matrix |Basic computation function in Matrix |Create Factors |Substting Factors |Compare factors |Create Dataframes |Order Dataframe using a variable |Basic compuation using Dataframes|Create List |basic compuation on Lists.

Using Operators

Relational Operators |Logical Operators |Conditional Statements |Looping If Statements | Looping If- Else-IF Statements | Loops using While | Loop While using Break | Looping a Matrix |Looping Lists |Comparing Vectors |Comparing Matrices.


Using Functions | Function inside Functions |Required or Optional |Creating your own Functions |Define Scope of a Function |Loading Different R Packages and using different Functions.


Lapply | Functions using Lapply |Sapply | Functions using Sapply |Sapply using vectors |reverse engineering using Sapply |Vapply

Working on a Data Structure

Finding errors | Using Functions |Creating and Formating Date/Time | Manupulating the Data as per the business requirements

Data Manupilation using dplyr

Load Package |Selecting Variables |Mutating Variables |Filter data |Group by variables |Summarizing the Data |Arranging the Data |Joining the data |Dropping the Varibales |Keeping the Variables | Rename Variables |Using ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ conditions | Manupilating Data | Performing functions on the data |Ranking the Data and Variables | Joins |IF Statements |If-Else Statements |Nested IF-Else | Using Functions to read and interpret the variables and the data | Model building.

Bais Stasictics Procedures used in Analytics

Manupilating data | Creating Variables |Calcutation Correlation | calculating Multicolleariarity | Summarizing the data | Coverting Variables |Model Building