SAS Course Details

SAS is rated as the number 1 top skills to have in today’s Market. We at Shunya Training Academy endeavour hard to help you build these skills, with the assistance from our top trained professional, so that you can be handpicked for the most sought after jobs in the analytics industry.

Best in Delhi-NCR we aim to provide you with friendly classroom training material, customised problems solving techniques and practical projects such that you can become as SAS level expert and get the top notch jobs available in the industry.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started

Getting to SAS software | Reading SAS Log |SAS Data Library |DATA and PROC Steps |Importing your Data into SAS | Ways to Format and read Data with Delimeters |Formats and Informats |Creating your own data is SAS | Infile | Datalines |Permanent and Temprary Datasets |Listing the contents of your Datasets.

Working with the Data is SAS

SAS Functions | Numeric and Character Functions | If- Then | If- Then – Else |Subsetting |Date Formats and Informats |Retaining |Calculation of the Data- Sum, Mean, Median, Percentile, Mode etc | Proc Sort |Where, Drop and Keep Statements |Joins |Merge |First. and Last.

Summarizing the Data in SAS

Proc Formats | Proc Means |Proc Tabulate |Proc Summarize |Proc Report |Proc Print | Proc Transpose |Output using ODS | Exporting data in HTML and Excel.


Concept |Creating Macros |Substituing Text |Creating Dynamic Codes with Macros |Building Conditional Logic |Call Symput | Debussing Macros.


Creating Arrays | Using Functions |Creating Dynamic Functions using Macros.

Analysis using Data Visualization

Bar Charts |Histograms |Box Plots |Scatter Plots |Customizing Graph Attributes

Bais Stasictics Procedures used in Analytics

Proc Univariate | Proc Reg |Proc Corr |Proc Freq |Proc Anova | Debugging the Output